Is the yag laser a good choice for spider vein removal? I have some spider veins on my legs and want to have them removed. My doctor uses a yag laser in her office, and I was wondering if this laser was effective on spider veins. Does the laser cause a lo

Yag for spider veins. It is a good choice for spider veins. If you are referring to facial spider veins then the ktp or laserscope or vbeam lasers do a better job for the spider veins on the face. They disappear usually instantly with treatment.
I . I prefer using the dornier 940 nm for topical spider vein treatment because its wavelength is specifically tuned for maximum absorption by the pigment system in the hemogloblin molecule of the red blood cells. This specificity minimizes the chance of collateral tissue damage. Burns are a great concern for everyone in the field and your skin pigment type, a fine focus ability (0.5mm) and a low power flux (joules/cm delivered in < 20 milliseconds) and a target specific laser are key considerations to achieving technical success. It is critical to remember that topical laser is insufficient therapy for lasting results. You also have to address the underlying incompetent reticular veins (feeding veins) that are supplying the spider complexes. They are generally too deep or too large to be treated just with surface laser without risking burns. If there are no contraindications i prefer using the tessari method (foam) sclerotherapy to address the feeding veins at the same time. Another critical concern is whether there is underlying varicose vein insufficiency. These high pressure incompetent varicosities will lead to rapid recurrence if they are not addressed as part of your treatment plan. Venous duplex ultrasound is the best way to determine if you have underlying venous insufficiency and this should be done in the standing position to insure maximum sensitivity. Topic laser does not require compression stockings but if you have sizable incompetent reticular veins, which require sclerotherapy, this subject must be addressed as well as post treatment aspiration. Your specialist should be familiar will all of these concerns. For a demonstration of the laser effect see my website (www.Drbessman.Com) or find us on youtube under advanced laser vein care, dr. Bressman.
Not the best. Lasers (yag, or otherwise) for spider veins on the legs really don't work very well. The far better treatment choice for leg spider veins is injection sclerotherapy using glycerin, sodium tetradecyl sulfate, or polidocanol.

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Is the yag laser a good choice for spider vein removal?

Depends on where. If you are talking about spider veins on the face, then a yag laser is a good choice. If you are talking about spider veins on the legs, then sclerotherapy will probably work better. Read more...
Not the best . Choice if the spider veins are located on the leg. On the face yes. On the legs no! the best form of treatment remains sclerotherapy and the best solution is ethoxysclerol/polidocanol/ /asclera in a gentle concentration 0.25-o.5%. Read more...