I am on probation and might get drug tested. I do not smoke marijuana, but I am around people who do. Could it show up in my system and if so for how long? What can I do to get it out.

Yes, . Yes, second hand smoke can show up in your system. Tetrahydrocannabinol (thc) is the ingredient in marijuana that is deteched with drug testing. How long the thc remains in the system depends on how often or how much marijuana has been smoked / inhaled. It can be detected in the body for weeks if there is heavy use. It would be unethical for me to give you instructions on how to try to beat a drug test. If you are on probation, why are you hanging around with people who are doing drugs? If you do not want to pop positive on a drug screen, do not smoke marijuana and do not be in the presence of other people smoking marijuana.
Avoid smokers!!!! Why do you have to be around people who are smoking marijuana? It requires a huge amount of second hand marijuana smoke to turn up positive on the average urine test. It would be the equivalent of being in a close car or a phone booth with three other people smoking marijuana for hours for you to get a detectable level. You can't get it out, and trying products to do that will cause you trouble.