Does quitting smoking raise blood sugar? It has mine. Is this typical? I ouit smoking. I am diabetic and now my blood sugar has gone up. Are these related?

It certainly could. A person can gain weight or raise their blood sugar after quitting smoking in two ways, both of which can be avoided. 1. Not breaking the hand to mouth habit of smoking, but replacing the cigarette with food. 2. Not reducing your calorie intake, as the body's metabolism slows down by as much as 10% upon removal of the nicotine stimulation.
Quitting . Quitting smoking does not directly raise your blood sugar. Indirectly it can rise due to an increase in food consumption, which is common after one quits. Other factors to consider that raise blood glucose levels are: inactivity medication side effects infections/illness hormonal changes stress please see your doctor to go over your numbers and discuss ways to better control your diabetes. Congratulations on quitting smoking. This will add years to your life. Take care.