What do I do? Hi! I am twelve and I currently have ADHD (attention dephicite hyper disorder)i take a medication now called concerta, it helps me focus but, these constantly keep happening, nose bleeds, thoughts of suicide, depression, posibly signs of a

You . You write very well for someone who is 12 years old. I am glad that you wrote in. Please tell your parents right away about your thoughts of suicide. If a family doctor or a pediatrician is prescribing your concerta, then he or she can consider consulting with a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in helping people with these types of problems. Sometimes people can have side effects to medications. Some of the possible side effects with Concerta can include decreased appetite, weight loss and blurred vision. If you have extreme mood swings and depression your parents need to tell your doctor right away. Sometimes irritability can also occur and this is even more serious if you are not able to sleep or you develop a whole lot of energy. If you your thoughts of suicide are so serious that you want to kill yourself at the time you are writing this, then your parents should take you to the nearest emergency room. Any thoughts of suicide are not a good thing. Please ask your parents to read this as soon as you read my answer to you. Remember to be very honest with your parents and with the medical provider who helps you so that they get a good understanding of your situation. Good luck.
I . I support and agree completely with my colleague in previous answer.