Lower back pain for over 6 weeks. Seeked medical attention and still not resolved. I'm a completely health person and one day I woke up from a new bed with horrible backpains. I've done light stretching, resting, sleep on hard flat surfaces, someone even

Back pain. The back pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement ... The back pains might improve with heat pads, exercise, massage. Since your pain is persistent, for over six weeks and you already seek medical attention, you should talk to your doctor for possible x-ray/mri tests or a referral for pain specialist.
Back . Back pain is very frustrating. It can come on for no obvious reason and can be very persistent. Six weeks is not unusual. If you don't have a reason that you can't take nsaid's like advil, (ibuprofen) then you can try that. Your exercises are a good idea. You could see a physical therapist for treatment also. However as your pain has lasted 6 weeks, please see your doctor again as you may need imaging now. Describe the treatment you have been trying at home. If you have increased pain, fever, weakness, numbness, or bowel/bladder control issues then you must be seen as an emergency.