Can methadone cause blood clots and or swelling and pain in leg. Had blood clot a few months ago. Went away. Years ago told my left side had circulation problems. More lower left leg swollen painful can't move it. Must pain right under knee

A. A swollen leg with a history of blood clots is a worrisome combination. You could very well have another clot, and blood clots in the legs can lead to bad complications. You need to be examined for this and have an ultrasound study. Do you have a history of injecting IV drugs into the veins in your legs? That's a great way to damage the veins and put you at risk for leg swelling and/or blood clots.
Blood clot. You might be an emergency situation. The Methadone has nothing to do with your clot and even if it did that's not the issue now the issue is the clot and the pain. I would think anyone in this situation should seek help as soon as possible. Watch for any sudden difficulty in breathing. If you have difficulty breathing certainly take immediate action.

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Had two ultrasounds on my left leg to check for blood clots fount no clots still have pain in leg on calf and lower leg is that pretty good for both to come back with no clots fount?

What about chemical. Sometimes the pain is neuro-muscular. Have you had your electrolytes checked and what about your blood circulation.
Need to look for. Other cause of the pain, muscular, nerve pain.......Work with your doctor to look for other causes of the pain based on your symptoms and exam. Good luck.
Sure it is good. It is good that you do not have blood clots such as dvt's in your legs. If still with pain, keep getting evaluated for the pain and hopefully a diagnosis will be forthcoming, so the proper treatment can start. Best wishes.

Lower left leg&foot pain w/ swelling for the past month. Have had xrays & a blood test for blood clot which neither showed anything. Good circulation.

A test for a blood. Clot would be a venous duplex or ultrasound not a blood test.
Blood work. Alone does not tell if you have a clot. Vascular ultrasound and doppler will.

My left leg is swollen from the thigh down to the leg from a blood clot cause I'm on blood thinner. How long would swelling and pain last?

Blood clots. Depending on how bad your clot was the leg could be larger forever. Though some of the swelling will go down. I don't know how long you have had this but it could be months before it improves. Your doctor can recommend pain meds based on what medication you take.

My left leg is swollen and painful I thought it could be a blood clot but the ultra sound turned out fine now my ankle on my right leg is swelling?

See a doctor. Swelling of both ankles suggests a problem a problem with fluid regulation, which could point to a heart or kidney problem. Your history states you take Motrin. Taken in excess or over a long period, this can damage the kidneys. Suggest you see your doctor for evaluation.

How can I tell if I have a blood clot right behind my knee? Pain & mild swelling behind knee on left leg. I'm only 18, normal weight but sedintary.

See physician. Physical examination by physician and then usually doppler ultraasound for confirmation. Sometimes pain in this area can be caused by baker cyst, collection of synovial fluid.

1 large blackish bruise in same spot behind both knees. Some pain in left leg. No swelling. Could it be a blood clot?

Unlikely. Risk factors that increase the chance of blood clot include sitting for long periods of time (low blood flow), smoking, having personal or family history of clots, birth control or pregnancy, inflammatory diseases (eg Crohns or rheumatoid arthritis). The only way to know for sure is by ultrasound. If the pain on the left worsens or swelling begins to occur, then reasonable to see a physician.

Sharp sooting pain in left leg from back thigh to back knee could it be another blood clot theres is no swollen leg?

Unusual. 30' s female w. Pain in sciatic region of thigh asks whether is blood clot. This is unusual region for blood clot. If is blood clot would expect swelling of leg ; pain elicited by direct pressure on region ; when tense leg flexor muscles against resistance. That said, these sympmptoms in someone who already had leg blood clot causes all bets off, and doctor and ultrasound are probably indicated.
Possibly. You mentioned another blood clot, I am assuming you've had one before? If so, it is possible that you've had another one. Secondly, could be stretched hamstring or muscle strain. Lastly, if all is negative then consider a spine issue as a possibility that may need further evaluation.