Unsure of lumbar spine xray report meaning? Five lumbar-like segments are seen with preservation of the outlines of the pedicles. Mild narrowing of the disc spaces is seen from L1 through L4 with minimal endplate irregularity. Greater unevenness is seen a

Of . Of course i don't know what prompted you to get the xray. The report sounds like you have some degenerative disease (spine arthritis, effects of aging) . The loss of height is most likely due to what is called compression fracture. This is when the vetebral body collapses somewhat usually due to trauma or osteoporosis. It can also happen in people who have cancer with metastatic changes to the bones. If your doctor feels that your pain (if you have it) is due to the compression fractures, this condition can often be treated by interventional radiologists with a procedure called vertebroplasty.
Scheuremann's . Scheuremann's disease is the formation of wedge shaped spinal vertebrae. This is caused by uneven vertebral body growth during adolescence. The front of the vertebral body grows slower then the back forming a wedge shape resulting in a hunchback or kyphosis. The cause is unknown. It does not progress after spine growth is complete. It can cause severe back pain, rarely organ and spinal cord problems. Most treatments are directed at reversing or preventing worsening during the growth of the spine. These include physical therapy and bracing. Surgery is considered last resort after conservative treatments fail and is primarily done for reducing pain.