Testicular pain? It’s about a medical issue. My fiancé, who is 27 years old, has testicular pain for a month or so. We never got intimate, in fact we can’t till we get married & we live far from each other. He is not sexually active but he only masturbate

He. He needs to get ultrasound of testes and see a urologist.
From. From your description, it sounds as if there was some blockage that he was getting out via masturbation but I'm not convinced that's possible. In someone who works out, i'd worry about pain associated w/exercise since this might represent a hernia. Testicular torsion is painful but not usually associated w/any specific activity. This represents a urologic emergency as the surgeon must tack down the testis to keep it from twisting on itself & cutting off blood supply. Orchitis is an infection of the testis while epididymitis is an infection of the surrounding structure. Neither infection comes & goes in association w/activity but rather requires antibiotics for treatment. I'd suggest starting with a visit to his family physician and then referral to a urologist if he doesn't improve completely. Good luck! (and congratulations!).