What are the symptoms for being pregnant in your fallopian tube? I missed my period the last 2 months, and this month I started bleeding but it came out a darker black color. I've also been having side pains and abdominal pain. My gynecologist told me to

Bleeding . Bleeding and pain are common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Your doctor is correct that pelvic infections can cause similar problems. If you are prone to irregular periods then you may also possibly have ovarian cysts or other problems with your ovary or ovaries that can cause your symptoms. However, an ectopic (what you are describing as a “fallopian tube” pregnancy) is a potentially major problem, which can be associated with massive bleeding, need for surgery, and even death. For that reason, you should call your gynecologist and get an exam, a blood pregnancy test (which very rarely could even be negative) and an ultrasound, or you should go to the nearest emergency department for an evaluation. If caught early enough, ectopic pregnancies can sometimes be treated with medications, instead of surgery.