One side of my cheek is plumpt and one side is flat on different times I had one root canal done on the right bottom and on another date one was done on the left bottom, doctor please tell me what side must I chew on, should I chew on the plumpt side in o

It . It sounds to me like you are having some swelling after root canal surgery, which has caused "plumping" of one side of your face. While this may be normal for a short time following a root canal procedure, prolonged swelling can possibly indicate infection or other healing problems. I would recommend that you consult with your dentist or endodontist with this question. He or she is well qualified to answer questions regarding your expected recovery. All the best, dr. Skourtis.
Tough to say. If your cheek is plump on one side, (facial asymmetry) you should get checked out for a source of the "plumpness." you may have an infection in a tooth, or salivary gland? If the plumpness arises while you eat or are hungry it may even be a salivary duct stone. Don't wait it out, get checked.
IT . It is difficult to answer without knowing more about the details of your procedure such as the timing since surgery. It is probably best that you ask your dentist about your questions.