Do I have to have my teeth taking out why every time when I eat food and it can be candy or meat or anything, and my teeth started to hurt. Is this because I have cavity or do you know what this can mean

There . There could be multiple reasons your teeth start to hurt. One of them could be a cavity that is getting close to the nerve of the tooth (or has already reached it). Another reason is your occlusion, or the way that you bite together, could be off and needs to be adjusted. If you have an older, large filling on the tooth then there's a chance that the tooth is cracked and needs a crown (cap). If you have gum recession and your roots are exposed then those teeth could be more sensitive to sensations like cold. These are some of the most common reasons people have pain, but there are others as well and almost all of them require professional attention. The best way to find out what's really going on is to visit your dentist and have them perform an exam since without actually being able to see your teeth and their x-rays, it's impossible to tell what's wrong.
See a dentist. Pain means something is not healthy. Could be your teeth or your gums or the bone which supports them. Impossible to tell what your problems are over the internet sight unseen. See a local dentist in wilson who can advise and treat you.