I want to know if I will contiue to grow? I am a girl who just turned 15 and only 54 inches I got my period when I was 10 yeard old and my doctors said that my bones are fused and I have doing excercies that strech my vertebe and drinking milk before I g

If . If you've had xrays that show fusion of the bones, then you have finished growing. I'm not sure what exercises you're doing to stretch your vertebrae, but i'm sure they will not help. Drinking milk is a good idea for long-term bone health, but will not make you taller. As silly as it may sound, i think the best thing for you to do is be proud of yourself as you are and enjoy the specialness that comes from being unique. You might also try to capitalize on your size by getting involved in activities that favor smaller women: gymnastics, ice-skating, and cheerleading, for instance, are great sports for women your size, and very difficult or impossible for taller women.