Want to know if the sever pains in my wrist are associated with the carpel tunnel I was diagnosed with 10 years ago I am a carpenter by trade, the last four or five years I haven't been having to do as much hands on so I just figured the carpel tunnel was

While . While wrist pain can be associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, the more common symptom is numbness in the thumb, index and long fingers. To find out exactly what is going on with your wrist, i would recommend that you see a hand surgeon.
Carpal . Carpal tunnel syndrome is a fairly common condition specially in manual laborers. Even though there are classical manifestations of numbness and tingling some individuals may have a presentation of pain, others of weakness, loss of hand dexterity and others waking up at night with pain. If you were diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome this could indeed be the cause of your pain but other things need to be ruled out. If it turns out to be the problem have it released and carry on with your life.
The . The hallmark symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness and tingling. If your main symptom is pain, and your hands don't fall asleep, you may have a different problem. There are many potential causes of hand and wrist pain, so you should see a hand specialist to determine an accurate diagnosis.
A . A diagnosis of carpal tunnel ten years ago does not mean that this weeks pain is due to carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is classically associated with numbness and tingling, however many who have chronic carpal tunnel tend to play down or ignore the loist sensation, it becomes the new normal for them. In these cases, severe nerve pain can show up as an aching dull or sharp persistant unremitting at times excruciating symptom of pain. There are few things that hurt as bad as neuropathic or neurogenic pain. Still other issues are more common. These include, arthrits of the base fo the thumb for one. Do not assume. Get evaluated.