What is the g flu germ? Aboth ear infections bad sinus infection

I'm . I'm not sure if i'm understanding your question completely - the "flu" - also known as influenza - is a virus that can cause runny nose, cough, vomiting, body aches, fever, and tiredness. It often lasts at least a week. In children, the flu can lead to pneumonia or dehydration. Because of this, i always recommend the flu vaccine to all my pediatric patients (and as a mom, i always give it to my two children). The flu vaccine can be given as a shot or as a nasal spray. For more information about influenza, see: http://www.Immunize.Org/catg.D/p4208.Pdf for more information about the vaccine, see: http://www.Immunize.Org/catg.D/p4069.Pdf sinusitis is due to a bacteria (or rarely a fungus) not a virus. Ear infections can be due to a virus, but more often are due to a bacteria. I hope this helps. If i didn't answer your question, please post again. Thanks.