I am a 27 year old female and I have a pink pea sized bump on the lip of my vagina and I was wondering what it could be it is a pink pea sized bump and there is only one I have experienced some pain with intercourse and there is a slight white discharge t

The . The skin of the vulva (the lips around the opening of the vagina) can get irritated and then the skin cells and or mucus can shed into that space rather than washing away and this then builds up into a "bump". These seborrheic keratoses are benign, firm, often non tender, and can be treated by a simple surgery in the clinic. If there is a discharge and blood then it is possible you have an infection of that skin. There are also glands that make mucus to lubricate the vulva and vagina which can get their duct blocked with trauma like bike riding, thong underwear, and intercourse, and these bartholin duct cysts can be quite painful and need again a simple surgery in the clinic. Rarely a bump can be cancer so anything that does not get better with time, warm soaks, and loose clothing should warrant a medical examination.