Could I have a hiatal hernia? I had my appendix out in april. Ever since, I've been dealing with constipation. Only going 1 time per week. Feels like something is stuck in the center of my abdomen between xiphoid process and umbilical area. There's a cons

Abdominal pain. The type of pain you are describing is not very typical for a hiatal hernia. You may be having problems due to uncoordinated motility of your G.I. Tract. This however usually resolved within a couple of weeks at most. If the pain is near an area where there was an incision, there could be a hernia. You should follow up with your primary care doctor for a physical exam and potentially with the surgeon that did the appendectomy for an exam as well.
You . You should research low or no cost clinics in your area. Also call your local county hospital for assistance. You could very well have a hiatal hernia and/or gastritis, ulcers, reflux disease, esophagitis etc. The only way to know is by having an appropriate work up and diagnostic tests. In the meantime start taking daily over the counter prilosec. In addition, avoid ibuprofen, advil, spicy foods, caffeine, acidic foods, and chocolate. Best of luck.