Is there emzems markers in the blood if there cancer blood in upper gi, and lower gi. Blood count 7.3 blood count up an down over 72 hours female, 43 age, cancer mother

No. There are no reliable blood tests that can accurately diagnose cancer of the upper or lower GI tract; direct examination by endoscopy and colonoscopy are the best options;.
Certain . Certain types of cancers do have markers that can be detected in the blood, but most do not. And even the types of cancers that sometimes do have markers may, in some cases, not have those markers. All in all, the use of cancer markers is pretty hit-and-miss. On the other hand, these markers can sometimes be very useful in differentiating one type of cancer from another and in following a cancer that is known to be present and does happen to produce the marker in question. Common markers for cancers that might be associated with GI bleeding include afp, cea, and ca 19-9. If you have a lesion of some kind in you liver or your bowels, then you may have tests for these or other markers.