Does a woman with tubal ligation recently would be able to get pregnant by any chance? Does this ever happend before in someone or not? And if it happens did she will be able to have the baby or not?

If. If a tubal ligation is properly performed the success rate is greater than 99%. While success rates vary slightly with different techniques, subsequent uterine pregnancy is rare and pregnancies that do occur are more likely to occur in the tube and can be life-threatening. Women who suspect that they are pregnant after a tubal ligation should be evaluated immediately. Women who change their minds about pregnancy after a tubal ligation may be able to conceive with in vitro fertilization (ivf) or, less commonly now, surgery to re-attach the tubes (reanastomosis).
I. I agree with dr. Ory. The other thing to keep in mind is that we do occasionally see women who were pregnant at the time of their tubal ligation but did not know it yet. So if you had your surgery very recently, then it is possible that you were pregnant at the time of the surgery. If you are wanting to get pregnant, then the answer is that it is unlikely to happen without either surgery to put the tubes back together or ivf (the test tube baby procedure).