May have given my 2yr old 1tsp Advil within four hrs instead of 6-8, issue? I am so nervous. I can't exactly remember what time it was when I gave him the other dose. Should I be heading to emergeoncy room. There hasn't been any noticeable reactions but h

Any . Any time you have a question about your child getting too much medicine, it's always best to call poison control - they can provide immediate information about the medicine. The number (nationwide) is 1-800-222-1222. Generally we dose medicines for children by their weight - so if your child is about 20 lbs, 1 tsp is a good dose. Likely, your child will be okay, but i still would recommend that you follow the 6 - 8 hour dosing schedule for the future! a lot of doctors recommend alternating Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen - I am not a fan of this. As a mother, when my children are sick with a fever, i can never remember at 3 am what i gave last! i tend to stick with one (ibuprofen) and only use the other (acetaminophen) if my child is having fevers before it's time for the next dose. I hope this helps! good luck.
I wouldn't sweat it. For a single event, this is not going to damage your kid. The site we worry about is their kidneys, which this kind of med can irritate at excessive doses over time. Try keeping a treatment note for your kid, sticky notes with a pencil nearby work well. Don't give fever meds unless the kid is bothered enough to be awake. Ignore low grade fevers, they're part of the healing process.