My boyfriend just had his gallbladder out on thur but hasnt been able to eat or even drink water without feeling sick he already lost 60lbs hasnt been able to eat since 3 days after thanksgiving

Your . Your boyfriend needs to have a follow up with the surgeon who performed the surgery. Typically by one week after such a surgery normal food can be tolerated. The fact that he has lost so much weight and is unable to tolerate food is worrisome. He may be dealing with a serious post-operative complication (adhesions, bowel obstruction, hernia etc.) his surgeon will hopefully get to the bottom of this. He may need an abdominal ultrasound or ct scan. I hope he is better soon.
Should get better. If the gallbladder was the problem and it has been removed , a patient will generally get better within a week of surgery. Appetite should return and after- meal pain should be gone. If this is NOT the case , a patient should be quickly reevaluated for a different cause of gastrointestinal problems. This can sometimes happen in people after gallbladder surgery and why close followup is crucial.