Kong-tv reported this morning that it has been shown that bad "friend"ships can cause serious health problems? Is this true? Kong-tv reported this story just this morning, 1-24-12, yet I can find nothing in your website to confirm it. Joyce taylor refer

I . I want to first advise you that i did not see the kong - tv report that you referred to. When relationships are harmful to your sense of wellness; they are some referred to as "toxic". All relationships have ups and downs. However, if you find that you feel emotionally depleted or upset more often that you feel positive after interactions with someone, then that relationship might be toxic. Let's say you have a friendship in which the other person always wants you to do things for them and it is never reciprocated, that sounds unbalanced. Or perhaps you are in a relationship where the other person is consistently critical and unsupportive, that may be a toxic relationship. Some things are quite obviously toxic: when a person has a pattern of saying one thing to your face and other things behind your back is an example. Over time, if a person continues to be involved in multiple toxic relationships or even one relationship that is toxic but very important in your life; it can adversely impact your emotional and physical wellness. The impact can be even greater if there is turmoil in other areas of your life. If you aren't treated well- you may harbor feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, fear. It may leave you confused, enraged or exhausted. Some conditions that can be impacted by our emotions include: asthma, migraine headaches, tension headaches, gastrointestinal upset such as irritable bowel syndrome. These are just a few. The most concerning issue regarding toxic relationships is if there is abuse. If there is verbal, physical or sexual abuse that is not acceptable. If you are having trouble freeing yourself from an abusive relationship then you may need professional help. Sometimes unhealthy relationships can adversely impact your physical health. It sounds like your physiologic reaction of having a stomach tied up in knots in a relationship that wasn't going well is a good example. The fact that you are feeling physically better since you ended that relationship is further proof. Good luck continuing to make healthy choices about the people you spend your time/ life with.