How to overcome the symptoms of narcisstic personality disorder I have a boyfriend who has borderline personality disorder, he has had some extreme traumatic experiences. I do not know how to feel empathy for not only him but others aswell. I have taken

Empathy. In order to feel empathy for your boyfriend you have to enter his world and leave yours behind. Try to understand his experience from his perspective, this will require empathic listening, the ability to listen without judgement and without generalizations but with the sole intent of understanding. Best.
If . If you are in fact narcissistic, then you would need to be very motivated to change. Usually what motivates people to change psychologically is when they are in pain. For instance, if someone feels inadequate and they have poor self esteem, they may become motivated to change because they don't want to feel that way any more. However, it sounds like the behaviors you described, are more apt to cause pain for others, rather than causing you pain. If you blame others when you in fact are at fault, have a lack of compassion, are unresponsiveness to your children's needs; these are likely to negatively impact the people in your life. If you aren't personally hurting you may not feel the need to change. The only way you would be able to make significant change is: 1. Decide that you really want to make changes in your life. 2. Commit to those changes. 3. Stick with therapy- even when you are feeling better yourself or even when the therapist wants you to work. Making changes to our personality requires persistence and work. For individuals with strong issues with their personalities, often times group therapy with other people who want to address their basic personality characteristics can be very dynamic. Because you need to be motivated to change, here is a possible motivation. If you continue to treat others poorly, it may prevent you from developing healthy and long lasting relationships.