Knowledge of any herbal or non-prescriptioned meds that will help my husband wit low t, that isn't costly & info, tfx drive pills we have tried a herbal pill called firminite for the sexual part of it but have just recently learned of a pill called tfx dr

Since . Since otc medications are not submitted for testing for purity, content etc., i would be hesitant to take such spplements and would recommend you to see a urologist to check your serum teatosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy should be monitored closely for any potential side effects of testosterone.
Herbal . Herbal medications are not tested and the companies do not have to prove the efficacy. They are considered supplements and can make claims that they do not have to prove. All prescription medications must meet strict guide lines set by fda and prove its efficacy and safety before they can be brought to market as a "medicine". It is unfortunate that the makers of herbal supplements can make some outrageous claims and give false hope to desparate patients. If you have a serious condition then i recomend working with your medical doctor to discuss your options.