I have bicep tendon instability, icing and stem treatments do not help. What should I do? I am a college football player and have had two surgeries on my left shoulder to repair my labrum. Now II suffer from chronic pain in the front of my shoulder and co

A . A young athlete such as you can have a complex problem with the shoulder and is more likely to have recurrent shoulder joint instability than older patients. While long head of the biceps tendinitis and subluxation can be painful and causing your symptoms, this should be determined by a good shoulder specialist. He/she should have a sports fellowship focusing on shoulder injuries. If the labral tear has healed well and there is no residual shoulder instability, the biceps tendon can be treated a few ways. Injections can be quite helpful by reducing pain and inflammation. Some surgeons will do a tenotomy (cut the tendon) and let it self-determine a new length as it scars. Other surgeons will do a tenodesis and anchor the tendon in a specific location. Most importantly, though, is assuring a stable joint as a loose shoulder can cause problems now and in the future.
Hate . Hate to tell you man but you need to be seen by someone with extensive experience managing complex shoulder cases. You may have a retear of the labrum and may require a biceps tenodesis to get rid of the problem. Your doctor will make the call putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.
You . You need to be checked again by your surgeon. The chronic pain can be do to issues with your biceps but my concern from your description is it is possible that you have reinjured your labrum. You should be evaluated by a shoulder specialist to be sure that your labral repair(s) have healed. In the short term you should be icing your shoulder regularly to help with the pain.
Shoulder Specialist. http://www.theshouldercenter.com/shoulderpain/2012/shoulder-specialist/surgeryspecialist/ get a second opinion with a shoulder specialist. We rarely see biceps problems in isolation and for an athlete like you, i would suspect you have persistent instability and are now getting greater damage to your shoulder. http://www.theshouldercenter.com/shoulderpain/2012/shoulder-surgery/playing-can-worsen-.