What is this lump on my neck I have a lump on my neck, its in front by mi throat but more to the right. It does not hurt for the most part except when I touch it or move my head towards the upper left. You can't tell that its ther really unless you touch

It . It could be a lymph node, salivary gland or other structure in the neck. The lymph nodes in that area can be larger and one must realize there are hundreds of lymph nodes in the neck. If it persists, please see a doctor. Also if you are smoking - stop.
Lumps . Lumps in the neck can be normal anatomic structures: submandibular glands, carotid bulbs (normal bulbous area of the carotid artery just before it splits), cricoid cartilage of the larynx. Other lumps can be abnormal: lymph nodes (about 75-80 per side, are normal but can get larger with inflammation/infection and some types of tumors), thyroid nodules, cysts. This is something that should be evaluated by a doctor to ensure that it is not something concerning. Most abnormal masses are inflammatory, but it is importent to rule out something that needs treatment or other evaluation.