Teeth I am interested in having veneers and I don't know anything about the process. It was offered to me by another dentist who I am not familiar with. My dentist does not specialize in this. So I have no information and it makes me nervous. I want to

See answer. Ask around or go to mynewsmile.Com for some more information and for highly skilled dentists in your area.
Wrong! . Wrong! there are many excellent dentists that can get your teeth dazzeling! find one and look past the obstacles that you or your dentist have placed in resolving this issue.
Do research. Veneers can be wonderful. I have been doing them for over 25 years. Go to davinci labs for more info, as well as the ada and acop sites. Find a dentist who does these. Find a prosthodontist and go in for an evaluation. They are not reversible, so be sure you know what you are committing to. Typically the teeth are prepared, impression made, temporary veneers placed. Return for final veneers.