What can I expect after a wisdom tooth extraction for a tooth that’s a bony impaction? My oral surgeon says that means the tooth is surrounded by bone, so he’ll need to cut into my jaw bone. That sounds really painful. Will I have a long recovery? How wil

If . If you are young it will be simple. Your surgeon only needs to remove enough bone to get the tooth out. That's what i call a window. The bone will heal back uneventfully. You will not be in the pain you are imagining. But the first week after surgery you will be sore and eating will take more effort. After the second week you can get back to eating that beef jerky. So don't fret it will go well.
Not so bad. If a wisdon tooth that is a "bony impaction" needs to be extracted, it is usually just a thin layer of bone that needs to be removed to access the tooth. A surgeon does these types of extractions routinely, and the post operative discomfort is minimized if you closely follow the instructions given by the oral surgeon. Normal recovery should be just a few days.
Discomfort. A dental euphemism that it's going to hurt. But a skilled oral surgeon will help you manage things post-surgically. Remember that the pain will be transient, and less of a problem than the damage impacted wisdom teeth can cause. I had mine out, and found it to be a very survivable experience. Pick a qualified oral surgeon and go for it.