Why won’t my dentist use nitrous oxide? I’m getting a root canal, and i’m really nervous. I asked if I could get nitrous oxide during the procedure, but my dentist said it wasn’t necessary and he doesn’t like using it. Why? My friend had nitrous during he

Find one who does.. Easy solution. Find a dentist who uses nitrous oxide and performs root canal therapy.
See a different DDS. Not all dentists are trained to use nitrous oxide. You certainly don't want a dentist not trained to administer the gas. If you would feel better using the drug ask your dentist to refer you to an endodontist that is properly trained. You shouldn't have to avoid the sedation just because your dentist doesn't like using it.
Each. Each dentist practices differently. Many dentists do not use nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Some possible reasons include that whoever is monitoring and administering it needs specific training. The equipment required takes up space in the dentist’s office. Both the equipment and the nitrous oxide are expensive. Some people do not achieve adequate sedations. Sometimes a patient can become over -sedated and that can lead to dizziness, a sense of spinning and hallucinations. Finally, if the dental staff repeatedly breath in nitrous oxide, it could potentially impact their health.