How long is recovery after gingivectomy? Will I have to take time off work to recover after my gingivectomy, or can I return to normal activities right away?

Usually . Usually when gingivectomy is carried out a dressing is placed over the area-- you do not brush or eat in the area for one week. Gingivectomy is a rather superficial reshaping of the gum and is not done much anymore. There are more comprehensive surgical treatments.
Usually short. Since most gingivectomies just remove some extra tissue, you should be able to return to work. Eating may be tender for a day or two but as long as you don't have any bleeding disorder, you should be fine to work the same day.
Yes. Your gums will take a few weeks to heal but proper home care directed by your dentist is important. Avoid strenuous activity the day of the surgery but you can resume normal activities the next day.