How many teeth can you have in one bridge? I have three loose teeth that I think i’m going to need pulled. They’re right next to each other. Will I be able to get a bridge with three teeth to fill that space? Yes, I know I need to talk to my dentist, but

The rule is... It is best to support the number of roots missing by the same number of roots. The longer the span the worse the forces.
It . It depends! only your dentist can answer this one (too many unknown variables). But its is possible to have a bridge to replace three teeth....Depends on the biomechanics.
Maybe not. Replacing 3 teeth in a bridge is quite a long span that can create stress on the adjacent teeth and damage them. The possibility of this treatment depends on which teeth are involved and the health of the remaining teeth. You should look at alternative treatment such as implants. Implants can be much more predictable and long lasting.