Ok so my two month old son has a hernia on his belly button thats growing rapidly what should I do when pushed in it makes a gushing sound but does not seem to bother his but has almost tripled in size since it appeared

Watchful waiting. Belly button or umbilical hernias in children are common, and rarely dangerous. Usually they will close on their own by age 4-5. If it is still present, i would consider repair by a pediatric surgeon before he starts school. Ask your pediatrician if your still concerned, or it is causing problems.
Hi! . Hi! thank you for the question. Your son has what sounds like an umbilical hernia. This is more common if you have others in the family who have had this, or if he is african american. You can see a picture of this here: http://www.Nlm.Nih.Gov/medlineplus/ency/images/ency/fullsize/9006.Jpg an umbilical hernia is when there is a weakening or gap around the belly button and thus the intestines can push out through this space. You probably note that it gets bigger when he cries! however, for most children, as they grow older, this "hole" or gap grows smaller - it often closes by the time a child is 2 years old. We only get concerned if the intestines get "stuck" outside - you describe pushing it back in, and it sounds like this is easy. I would worry if you ever couldn't push it back in, or it was turning odd colors (like dark blue). This might mean that the bowels are "stuck" - when this happens the bowel tissue can die and this is quite serious! i hope this helps answer your question!
Kids seldom need rpr. Loose belly muscles help a developing fetus by allowing easy blood flow thru the umbilical cord into babies body.After birth,that looseness may allow a transient umbilical hernia that will usually disappear when the belly muscles tighten, starting after baby learns to sit.By 2yo most have receded. I find girls more likely to need repair than boys.I never need a boy fixed in > 3 decades of practice.