Help! Persistant vaginal itching. Hormones? I am having a problem with vaginal itching and discharge. It started several months ago when I was diagnosed with a yeast infection. The doc gave me diflucan and it helped but never really fixed the problem. It

I . I am glad that you were seen medically and that you were tested. Be sure that you let your doctor know any medications you are on, or if you are on anything new that could possibly cause an allergic reaction. Be sure you aren't using new laundry soap that you could be allergic to. Your symptoms are not typical for a pinched nerve so i don't think it is that. It could be hormonal changes. You could try an over-the-counter soothing medication for your vagina (ask the pharmacist), but if that doesn't help please get re-evaluated.

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I had a full pain in the lower abdomen from 1 week and vaginal itching without discharge from 2 days. Is it yeast infection?

Don't know. I don't know if it is a yeast infection or not without an examination. If you are unsure, then see a MD who can give you an accurate answer before trying a over the counter (OTC) Yeast Rx that may or may not work. Read more...