I have been on strong narcotics for five years now. My script recently got stolen. Is there anything I can do I am a 28 year old female who suffers from rsd/crps all over body I am in severe pain and now withdrawling. I do not know if I go to an ER if the

Doctors . Doctors are often reticent to re-order narcotics. I have had patients who repeatedly asked to have narcotics reordered because the dog ate them, they fell in the toilet, they were stolen, etc. But this never happened to their other medications. If one of those patients asked for more narcotics i would be suspicious. However, when one of my long -term patients who has responsibly taken medications as prescribed without the need for narcotic re-orders in the past has this issue; i look at the situation in that context. I recommend that you contact your own doctor if possible. He or she knows you the best as a patient. That doctor will already have an idea about your level of responsiblity and compliance. If you have never had this problem in the past, then it will be evident to your doctor that is not part of a pattern. I agree with the earlier recommendation that you report this to the police since the medication that was stolen is a controlled substance. Now with that said, i know that rsd is very painful. I am concerned about the comment that you are suffering to the point that you don't want to live. If you are experiencing serious thoughts about taking your life because of your pain and withdrawal, you need to be more aggressive about getting help. If you are feeling suicidal you need to go to the nearest emergency room regardless of whether or not they will order narcotics. Your rsd, your severe pain, your withdrawal and thoughts about not wanting to live are all significant.
Most . Most physicians will not rewrite a prescription for narcotics for "stolen prescription" unless you bring a copy of a police report showing that you have officially reported its theft to the police. With a copy of that report, your physician might reconsider your situation.