Does Zoloft (sertraline) work for anxiety too?

Yes. Zoloft (sertraline) is often used for chronic anxiety.
Zoloft (sertraline) Yes, zoloft (sertraline) is an ssri antidepressant which also has good anti-anxiety properties. It is not an addictive substance either. The best results come from using it not in isolation, but while also working in psychotherapy on the issues triggering anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy is widely researched for this, but other types of psychotherapy are helpful also.
Yes. Zoloft (sertraline) is both an antidepressant and anti anxiety medication.

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How effectively does Zoloft (sertraline) work for anxiety, insomnia and does it cause weight loss?

Zoloft (sertraline) Zoloft (sertraline) can be very effective for treating anxiety. Insomnia can occur occassionally as a side effect. When that happens, I usually recommend that it be taken in the morning. It can cause weight loss or gain (but weight gain is more common).

I am taking 150 mgs of Zoloft (sertraline) for 3 weeks for severe anxiety. Are there add ons a dr can give you to make it work. I am beside myself?

I expect there are. But, since you're not likely to see a Dr today or even tomorrow, Let me offer this before you invite multi-pharma risks to a (let's admit it) older body. Consider CBT therapy w/ a therapist you feel you can trust (it may take trial and error). You'll learn skills to avoid, reduce and manage anxiety w/out the BIG risk to physical health multi-pharma can be. If needed, bless them, If avoidable, do!

Currently on 100mg Zoloft (sertraline) daily. Is this enough and how long does it usually take before it works for anxiety and ocd?

Uusally 4-6 wks. Usually the effect pf the med takes 4-6 weeks to show. Being under the care of a psychiatrist will allow the mental health condition to be closely evaluated while the meds are taking effect. Frequently the dosage has be adjusted or actual changes in the medication should be done.

I've been having night sweats. I'm on Zoloft (sertraline) for anxiety, I drink occasionally and I don't work out. I keep it cool in my room. What's the cause?

Zoloft (sertraline) Depends on dosage of zoloft (sertraline) & if recent changes in dose were made. Also, alcohol can intensify adverse effects of zoloft (sertraline), such as sweating & activation symptoms.
Many possiblities. As my colleague dr. Ali said, zoloft (sertraline) is known to cause increased sweating & alcohol might also contribute. There are many other possible causes of night sweats, from hyperthyroidism to food allergies to infections (but acute & chronic)to certain cancers (probably not a great thing to tell someone prone to anxiety) but often we can't find the cause. Please discuss with the doc who prescribed zoloft (sertraline).

My doctor just upped my dosage on Zoloft (sertraline) today to 200mg (social anxiety). It hasn't worked for 3 months, so if this doesn't work, what should I try?

Anxiety treatment. There are a variety of available medication and/or non-medication treatment alternatives for anxiety of which zoloft (sertraline) is one of them. 200 mg of zoloft per day is the approved upper limit label dosage. Patient preference, clinical benefit and tolerability can influence treatment selection. Your physician can review the available medication and non-medication options with you.
Zoloft (sertraline) blow out. For social anxiety, venlafaxine can be effective. Other ssri and snris have also been found to work. Do not neglect cognitive behavior therapy as an adjunct - exposure, challenging cognitive assumptions, education as to what the condition is. If suspiciousness or outright paranoia is part of the puzzle, consider a second generation antipsychotic for an interim at least. Meditation/neurofeedback?
Social anxiety. Different people respond differently to same medication. If not already doing so, cognitive behavior therapy in conjunction with medications is most helpful for your anxiety. Your prescribing doc. Can discuss with you the alternative medications, from supplementing to substituting to augmenting to switching, etc.

What medicine will work for OCD/anxiety/ADHD? I am on Zoloft (sertraline) but my intrusive thoughts stop me from being productive? Always caught up in my thoughts

Cognitive-Behavioral. Therapy iworks if frequent & long-term. Practice techniques till they're automatic; I.e., wear a rubber bracelet & "snap out" obsessions. Tourette Syndrome has multiple motor tics & at least 1 vocal tic for at least a year, often + ADHD & OCD, Stimulants for ADHD ^ anxiety. The non-stimulants Intuniv & Kapvay can be used with SSRI's. A neurologist or psychiatrist can re-evaluate & treat.