Should I see a doctor or take a pregnacy test last month my period was two weeks long very light at beginning and end, but towards the middle it was a dark brown. My periods are never like this they are exactly a 28 day cycle with 7 day period even afte

You . You can either take a home pregnancy test as long as it has been 5- 6 weeks since your last normal period (which it sounds like it has been), or you can go see your doctor and they can test you - whichever is easier for you. A home pregnancy test is 97% accurate if taken a week or more after the missed period. A blood test can tell if you are pregnant as soon as 7 days after conception and a doctor's urine pregnancy test can tell if you are pregnant around when you next period should come. There are other reasons besides pregnancy that can cause a woman to miss a period such as: stress, diet, excessive exercise or a hormone imbalance such as with a thyroid disorder or poly cystic ovarian syndrome. If you are pregnant or continue to have an irregular period, you should give your doctor a call.