What can I do to find out if I have low testosterone? I am 47 male and overweight. The internet is a bad place to look for medical information as you can find so many conflicting articles. Anyway, it seems that I have been very emotional lately which is s

From . From your symptoms, it is very likely that you have low testosterone. This condition is surprisingly common...About 40% of all men over 45 years old have clinically low testosterone. Testosterone peaks in men in the early 20's, but then drops 1-2% every year after that. So you need to get your t level checked. Unfortunately, the normal ranges for testosterone that the labs give are often erroneous. Most labs have a large "normal" range. To me, it doesn't make sense when a lab shows a normal range from 250-870ng/dl. This is a huge range. How can a man with a t of 270 be considered the same as a man with a t of 650. I have countless men in my practice that were in the "normal" range who had symptoms of low t. Measured total testosterone is not a very accurate way to assess whether a man is low in t. Most of the testosterone in the bloodstream is bound to other molecules, like sex hormone binding globulin (shbg) and albumin. The amount of free testosterone is only 1-2 % of the total serum testosterone. This means that most of a man's t is inaccessible to the body to use. Several factors can affect your level of shbg and albumin. So, it is better to use free testosterone to assess a patient with symptoms. But it is very difficult to measure free t in serum samples. Many methods are inaccurate. So, I use calculated free t. I measure the total t and the shbg level. Then using an online calculator (google free testosterone calculator) i find the free t calculated. If a man's free t is below 10ng/dl, i give him a trial of testosterone supplementation (gels or shots or implanted t pellets). I ask the patient to give it three months. We measure the t and calc free t at the end of the 3 months. My goal is to get his free t into the 15-25 range. Most men report that they have significantly more energy, strength, stamina and endurance. Their libido and erections are often better. Some men who were needing viagra (sildenafil) no longer need it. Many men report their early morning erections have returned. Best of luck! if you are over weight, your body may also be converting some of your testosterone into estrogen. This occurs in fat cells by an enzyme called aromatase. Studies have shown that exercise and weight loss can increase t levels.
You . You might want to see your physician and have a blood test for your serum testosterone level. If you are in good overall health, the treatment for this condition is to get supplemental testosterone, either as a monthly injection, or daily topical gel. Best wishes.
I . I have treated several middle aged male patients for anxiety disorder or depression who were subsequently found to have low testosterone levels. Frankly, all of them were quite grumpy. It was remarkable how well their psychological conditions were impacted by addressing the low testosterone. I can not diagnose you, nor can i state that you would have similiar results if you do have low testerone and it is treated. One of the men has almost completely weaned off his psychiatric medications.