How to get pain relief for degenerative disk disease I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease about 8 years ago. I had a gp who gave be an excersize and stretching routine to help but there were times when this alone was not enough and she would pre

I . I am sorry for your inconvenience. My experience is that family doctors are less comfortable prescribing narcotic medications then in the past. This may be due to stronger regulations in many states. I think it is unlikely they think you are a drug addict with your usage. I would recommend consultation with a pain medicine doctor. They should be comfortable prescribing narcotic medications. They also may be able to recommend interventional or surgical treatments to fix the problem.
The . The term "pain management" or "pain doctor" has been very misunderstood...Partly due to poor policing on the part of the medical profession. As a result, many physicians don't even know what it means or what a real pain doctor can do. They can do a lot more than just prescribe medications. A good pain expert knows when and what to prescribe (if anything), procedures to perform (if any), and how to make a correct diagnosis and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. I would highly suggest you do your research for someone that meets these criteria and is properly trained and properly board certified in your local area.