Is it common to wait more than a day to operate on a patient dianosed with a stroke? The patient was in good health a day prior to being diagnosed with a stroke and is only in his early 40's.

There . There really is't enough information in this question to answer it well. First, strokes are not usually treated surgically. If this 40+ year old person was about to have some non-neurological surgery, waiting would be sensible while the reason for the stroke was being investigated. Perhaps the person was given anticoagulants which would make any kind of surgery risky. If the patient were older and had developed a blockage in the carotid artery in the neck, surgery may be done to remove the blockage. After a completed stroke (not a tia) it has been customary to wait two weeks or more before operating because brain tissue is damaged by a stroke and the damaged tissue can bleed. If this is not information for you please rephrase the question adding more details.
Depends . The decision to operate depends on many factors. The likely explanation for waiting a day was either the patient's neurologic exam declined or their follow-up imaging was worse. Both would be common reasons to offer surgery.