What is intestinal infection? What is intestinal infection and how do woman get this type of infection? Is this dangerous?

An . An intestinal infection is an infection of the small or large bowel caused by a bacteria, virus or a parasites. These are usually transmitted via the fecal/oral route which means that someone ingests the bacteria, virus or parasite from the feces of another infected person. This could be through contaminated water or food or poor hygiene (handwashing) by the infected person. There is another type of intestinal infection called c. Difficile which can be caused by antibiotic use. The antibiotic kills off the good protective bacteria in the gut allowing c. Difficile bacteria to grow and cause illness. How dangerous the infection is depends on what is causing the illness, the health and age of the person who is sick, and their access to care if they need it. Intestinal infections and diarrhea is one of the leading causes of death in the third world, but is rarely a cause of death here in the us.