Could I have staph in my eye? This girl on my team just two days ago got staph in her eye. Well today they closed the gym for a few days because it has staph in it. My right eye is starting to bother me on the corner, on the line of my eyelashes and on my

If . If the skin around your eye becomes swollen or red, if you have discharge from your eye, redness in the white area of the eye, or any vision changes, you should see medical care. The symptoms that you have as of now don't sound too serious, but change can occur rapidly. If everything looks normal, this can wait, because you won't be treated as a preventative measure anyway. Staph infections are potentially very serious, so if anything changes for the worse, find a qualified ophthalmologist to examine you and treat if needed.
Staph . Staph aureus is a common bacteria naturally found on all of our eye lids. However, i assume you are talking about a special version of staph called mrsa. This referrs to this bacteria's resistance to many of the commonly used antibiotics today. While your symptoms do not sound serious currently, the things to look for are redness, foriegn body sensation, blurry vision or mucous discharge. Redness or lumps around the eye lids also should raise concern as well. The important thing is to keep your hands away from your eyes (no rubbing), wash your hands often and wash all of the clothes you used at the gym that day to prevent contaminating your home. At the sign of any of the above symptoms or if any concerns come up, see a qualified ophthalmologist in your area.