Can you get pregnant if the guy came on his hand and inserted semen inside of you? I'm on my last day of my period. I don't know when I ovulate. My periods are irregular. Some last for three days, others last 8 days. I always start around the same time. Th

It . It is possible to get pregnant from inserting semen into your vagina. If you are currently on your menses, you should not get pregnant. Not good judgement and behavior on his part. Hope things go better for you.
Low risk but some. It only takes one sperm to get you pregnant, no matter how it starts on its journey. Those with irregular cycles can be at more risk from exposure near menses than regular. All it takes is ovulation at a time that places an egg in position for that sperm to reach it. The risk is low but pregnancy has been documented on any day of a woman's cycle. Good luck.