Do antidepressants reduce the rate at which depressed people commit suicide?

THEY HELP. Treating depression is more than just giving meds. A therapist should help you expand your understanding of what is bothering you and help find ways to deal with it. There are many kinds of depression - find an experienced theapist to diagnose and creat a program for you to get better.
Not always. It depends on patient's diagnoses, med compliance , having supportive family , his religious believe , and illicit drug use. But usually patients r more likely to harm them self ic they have non of the above.
Yes. Yes antidepressants can reduce rates of suicide, but in some instances they can make people more suicidal if the medication is not monitored for side effects and a patient's response is not closely monitored. There has been more concern in pediatric paopulations for this lately as you may be aware of.