Is glaucoma associated with severe myopia a reason to withhold lasik surgery? I am considering a lasik surgery to improve my poor vision due to advanced myopia (40 years old). I am also suffering from glaucoma and I use specific eye drops for it. How will

Many . Many patients with glaucoma have undergone lasik surgery with great results. The only concern is that lasik involves use of a stabilizing instrument that temporarily increases eye pressure while creating the lasik flap. If glaucoma is very advanced, it is possible that further vision damage could occur. There are other options that don't involve increasing the pressure, including epilasik, prk, or asa. Another possibility is the use of lens implants, with the implantable contact lens (icl) surgery. Check out this page on my website:.
Glaucoma . Glaucoma does not necessarily preclude you from having lasik or another type of vision correction for myopia. Advanced surface ablation prk or phakic iol could also be acceptable alternative methods of correction for your myopia. There have been reported cases of further loss of visual field after lasik surgery in patients who have glaucoma or other optic nerve disease, but this is rare. The decision should be made based on the severity of your glaucoma. The other vision correction options listed above have risk of increased eye pressure postoperatively because of the steroid drops used to help the healing process. Pressure will have to be monitored closed after surface ablation, prk, or phakic iol. Additional pressure drops may be needed temporarily after these procedures if the eye pressure goes up.
If . If you have an advanced glaucoma, then you are not a candidate for a lasik surgery! temporary increase in intraocular pressure during the creation of the flap can cause further damage to the nerves in your eye. If you have minimal nerve damage from your glaucoma then your surgeon may consider you for the surgery. Other options you have are the various surface techniques; prk, lasek, epi-lasik, and asa. These techniques do not create a flap thus do not increase your intraocular pressure.
Glaucoma. Uncontrolled glaucoma is a contraindication to lasik. If the glaucoma is controlled and mild/moderate, lasik can still be considered.
If . If you have significant visual field loss, you can't get lasik, as jacking up the pressure so high that you lose vision for a while when cutting the lasik flap would kill off more of your nerves, which you don't want just because you are on drops doesn't mean you have significant visual field loss, btw if you do have visual field loss, then the only thing you can really get is a surface ablation, as there is no cutting, so no need to make your eye as hard as a rock so that the cut can be made (it's impossible to accurately cut a ball of jelly, an accurate cut can only made in a hard substance) that's why many patients come to me for asa (advanced surface ablation) which is lasek or epilasek, as they cannot have lasik for this or other reasons (like high rx, thin corneas, irregular astigmatism, steep cornea, prior lasik, prior rk or ak, dry eyes, etc.) i don't think you should get a prk in 2012. I did my last prk in 1999, and that's the older (somewhat archaic) method of surface ablation that is prone to pain, delayed healing, and scarring hope this helps and good luck!