Not sure if a doctor's appointment is needed. I have had a gnawing feeling in my upper abdomen, just under my breast bone. The pain has been coming and going all week. I have tried alieve, pepcid, and antacids and nothing helps. Now the pain has gotten

Your . Your symptoms make me concerned about peptic ulcer dsease, gallbladder disease or pancreatitis. If the pain is as you described then you really should get evaluated by your physician soon. If the pain continues to get even worse, i suggest a visit to an emergency room. Best wishes.
It . It is not possible to diagnose your condition with this information. It sounds like none of the approaches you tried have alleviated your pain. Although you did not specifically address the pain intensity, I am getting the sense that it is fairly severe. I am answering this seven days out. If you are still in pain at this time, i recommend that you seek care.