Is there any homeopathic medicine to cure foot corn I am having a foot corn under my foot thumb, I am applying corn/callous removers from last 1 month but its not helping, now from last one week I realized that some more small corns are coming up near

Lotion or surgery. . Corns and calluses occur because of pressure points. Surgery can fix this, but if you're not ready for that, trimming them down and regular use of lotion may soften them to the point they don't bother you. You can also try larger shoes that don't rub against the painful areas! offloading orthotics can also help: see your podiatrist for casting.
First, . First, i would make sure it is a corn as opposed to a callus. Corns are caused by too much pressure in combination with friction. They are essentially the bodies way of protecting the area from the pressure and friction. Calluses are more diffuse whereas corns are more cone-like thickenings. The most homeopathic treatment would be to make sure your footwear is appropriate and not putting too much pressure on certain areas of your foot. Beyond that, traditional measures can help combined with finding a good podiatrist. I hope that helps.
Have it evaluated. Some causes of corns or calluses include: friction, pressure, repetitive trauma, and a limitation of joint motion. Some genetic conditions may also cause calluses on the hands and the feet. Warts which result from a viral infection may be confused with calluses. Treatment depends on the cause of the problem. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.