What is a dense 8mm left lower nodule of the lung? Dense nodular opacity in the left lower lobe is likely a calcified granuloma. What does that mean to me?

It means. this is likely a benign incidental finding of no concern, a small calcified remnant of a remote inflammatory process.
Good news. If the radiologist's impression of a nodule is that it is likely a calcified granuloma then that is good news it means that it is a scar from a prior lung infection.
If . If it is truly calcified, then it means you have nothing to worry about. A granuloma is an area of inflammation or low-grade infection. Once the infection or inflammation has resolved, it sometimes leaves behind some calcium, which on a chest xray is very dense (white). Calcified granulomas are not uncommon, especially among people who live in certain parts of the country where granuloma-forming organisms are found.