I have been having sever stomach pains all under my rib cage. It goes on and off but when it comes it hurts so much I can't move when I say it comes off and on I mean it is there for about an hour and I can't move and the pain is so sever I start crying a

The . The location suggests a few possible sources of your pain. It could be gastroesophageal reflux (usually burning in character and worse when lying down), an ulcer (burning or gnawing pain, not really positional but perhaps worse on an empty stomach), gallstones (crampy pain that gets worse after you eat), or pancreatitis (deep gnawing pain). Whether or not these things would be picked up by a blood test depends on the tests that were done. If all your doctor did was a test called CBC (complete blood count), then they could all have been missed. The timeline of your doctor visit is also important: if you saw him or her three days ago, got a clean bill of health, but now still have pain, then you should go back and see the doctor again. Ask him or here whether you need to be tested for the conditions listed above.