Human papillomavirus after being diagnose with hpv, I notice something down "there" which I think by feeling it, I see like bumps only on one area. But it does not look like warts because I looked all over online to identified what it was but it does not

You can have HPV. and not have any warts present. But genital warts can start very small and look just like a tiny bump. I would see gynecologist or dermatologist for diagnosis and condition.
Probably not HPV. Normal genital tissues and skin have irregularities, small bumps (e.g. sebaceous glands, also called Fordyce spots, mucus glands, etc), and so on. These can seem more prominent in persons worried about an STD or perhaps anxious about a sexual exposure they regret. If there are no bumps that look like the typical photos you can find online, probably it's not HPV. But to be safe, see your doctor.
First . First of all let me assure you that your fertility will not be affected by hpv. As long as you follow up with routine pap smears as scheduled by your doctor you will be fine and should not worry about cervical cancer. As far as the warts are concerned, honestly they can vary in description from person to person. You should have your family doctor or gynecologist take a look and tell you wheter or not they are genital warts. If so there are multiple treatment options available. Take care.