My bf stuck something down his urethra for sexual pleasure but now it hurts him too urinate and its bleeding slightly is burns him too urinate but no blood in his urine but there is blood just a little bit whats wrong what can I do too help him it only hu

Placing . Placing objects in the urethra is dangerous. If you can imagine, the male urethra is only about three milimeters at it largest width. That is very small. There is very little room for a foriegn object in a man's urethra. With the history of bleeding and pain, it definately sounds as if your boyfriend injured his urethra. If there is swelling in that area, it would make the diameter of the urethra even smaller which can make it difficult to pass urine or even semen. The male urethra can be easily scarred. Scarring would lead to a small diameter of the urethra as well. This is called a stricture. I think it is important to get a medical evaluation. Important lesson - placing objects in the urethra can cause long -term problems. Don't do it.
First, . First, encourage him to not introduce foriegn objects into his urethra. Second, he needs see a urologist. He might have sustained a tear of his urethra, which could result in a stricture long term.