My 2 month old baby got his shots today and his leg is very swollen around the shot and really red, and hes been screaming. Please help - I feel so bad for my little man - I don't know what to do.

When . When a child (or adult) gets redness swelling and pain in the area of a vaccination, it is called an immunization reaction. It usually begins within 24 hours of the shot and can last 2-3 days (or longer with the dtap which your child most likely received at 2 months). This is not necessarily a bad thing - it is just your child's immune system responding to the vaccine and creating antibodies against the disease. Some people will also get fever with an immunization reaction, but if your child has a fever at his young age, then you need to call his doctor immediately. There are a few other things to look out for such as: - difficulty breathing or swallowing - difficulty awakening or appears very weak - a temperature over 100.4f rectally (38.0c) since he's under 12 weeks of age - an unusual high pitched cry for an hour or continuous crying for 3 hours or more - if the redness started 2 days after the shot or if the redness is larger than an inch in diameter if you see any of the above you should either call your child's doctor immediately or go to the emergency room. Otherwise, there are a few things you can do to make him more comfortable. -apply cold pack to area for 20 minutes to help with pain and swelling -give Acetaminophen (tylenol) for pain as long as your child does not have a fever and if it is ok with his doctor if you think your child may be ill or should be seen, give his doctor a call.